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Posted November 23, 2004

July 19, 2005

Tom, you draw really good sailboats. Makes me want to jump right on there!

November 23, 2004

Thank Tom again for his work today. He went above and beyond what we expected him to do.

September, 2004

Wow. I've never seen anyone eat soup with chopsticks before.

August 26, 2004

You're like a library. If I were to write a software, I'd make you my DLL.

June 15, 2004

I added your web site to my favorites...I like how you write and, mostly, understand what you are saying. You are brave to be so out there with your self.

February 18, 2004

Thanks, Tom, for that lovely picture. I don't think I'm old enough to appreciate it- especially at its full size- but I'm grateful for the opportunity to try; grateful, too, that you included a bit of background foliage to comfort your shyer fans.



February 5, 2004

Dear, dear, dear Tom,

Thank you for saving my sorry soul so many times in cybertech and everyday space. You are a god. I bow down to your excellence, competence, creativity and innovation, curiosity, patience, generosity of time and spirit, ability to explain physics ideas in basic English, silliness, food fetishes, yoga competencies, Mootability, and, most especially, your ability to float.

And I really mean it.



January 25, 2004

Thank you for the "qmail extensions" that you posted on your website. Finally, someone who posted a precise "how-to", the absence of which I've been wrestling with for two weeks. Learned a few extra things in reading your examples as well.

Many other folks have "how-to" posts for this but none had the detail yours did.

Now I have a working SMTP-Auth for my qmail. Time to tackle the qmail-remote patch...


Take care!


PS - I like your website as well...

September 10, 2003

You're the best!!!

August 28, 2003

Tom, you rock. Many many thanks for the speedy response.


August 27, 2003

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for fixing this. You are wonderful, and I am very grateful for your time on this as always. Terry told me he couldn't operate without you, and I can see why!

Warmest regards, Suuzen

August 11, 2003

Many thanks for your prompt and knowledgable response to this issue. Closing off the tracking ticket.

John Stevulak
Abuse Team

July 24, 2003

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for fixing this. I hadn't used this form program before and would never have figured out what was going wrong. I am very grateful for your time. I sent a test from the site to Terry this morning and it worked perfectly.

Many thanks again.

With kindest regards, Suuzen

July 11, 2003

I guess what I'm trying to say is that most of the things I'm grateful to have learned at Selkirk, I learned from your classes. So let this be my way of saying 'thanks' for having the vision, perseverence (in the face of ornery students and stubborn college administrators, most likely) and good humour to put those classes in place and follow them through to their successful implementation. I have a new appreciation for the political and technical complexity of assembling collaborative projects (like designing and teaching college classes) and now I see how much work you must have had to do to make them work as well as they did.

June 15, 2003

Hi Tom,

You're a Prince among Men! I've printed this stuff off and I'll see if I can't get it working meself. If not, I'll be talkin' to you when you get back from winnipeg.

Gratefully yours,

May 21, 2003

You guys are so on top of things! It's fab-u-lous!

April 30, 2003

Subject: To the Best Instructor I have ever had.

Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for being such a great teacher.

Somebody once said, "There are no bad countries; only bad dictators".

I say, "There are no good colleges; only good instructors".

Three years ago I could not even dream of being where I stand today and doing something like the CIS Project, but today I feel so proud of myself for accomplishing so much. All this was made possible by your exceptional teaching efforts. Thanks again.


March 5, 2003

Honestly, I cannot afford this stuff.

If this would happen in May,I had to give up or consider changing server then.

But I will still bring costumer to you.cause you have very good tech support.

I really don't want to change hosting!!!~~~

Please let me know 2 weeks ahead of your upgrading.Thanks Tom.


February 19, 2003

You have been so incredibly helpful and so prompt with your responses. You are Awesome!

December 6, 2002

Great thanks alot Tom, as always your help and patience are greatly appreciated, especially knowing you are so busy, and have enough on your plate that you don't need to be fixing someone else's problems.

November 6, 2002

Wait a minute Tom, while I wipe the tears of laughter out of my eyes so I can see to type......

What a wonderful I can't stop laughing. Great reply Tom,,,,,kudos to you.....



October 11, 2002

I am very grateful for all that you've done here especially the inclusion of email respondents received on your server -- that is most helpful. Also the offer and setup of the forwarding and rerouting. Thanks so much!

Once again, thanks for all your info and efforts -- much appreciated and possibly a reason to come back at some point in the future.....never ever received such quick responses before--in fact, I'm amazed and impressed with your level of administration.

July 26, 2002

Hey Tom,

just dropping you a line to say hello and I hope all is well. Thanks again for the wisdom and perls of knowledge you have dropped on to me. In life you come across people who leave lasting impressions on you, my experience has been that some of these people have been teachers/instructors. You have definately been one of those people.

PS. I still owe you a big fat steak, maybe next time I'm in Nelson.

Take it easy,


Instructor evaluations, April 2002

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